Custom Youtube URL


Hey! So, once you get 100 subscribers to your channel, YouTube lets you claim a custom URL.

Mikeystrong passed the 100 mark a few weeks ago, but the tool to claim your custom URL has been broken all these weeks.

Well, now it is unbroken (or “fixed”) and we are—yes! easy to remember! easy to type! Does not look like your cat walked across your keyboard!

I’ll be making a few short fun little videos in the layoff between now and Season Two. Playful less than a minute long stuff like collected instagram stories or snapchats, if you are familiar with those platforms. Probably I’ll call it Mikeybites or something like that. Maybe not “Mikeybites” because I do not bite, in the pejorative sense of the term (which is kinda 90s—but not 90s enough). Mikeyclips. Mikeysnacks. Heck, I don’t know. Suggest something!

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