Mikeystrong S2 E01: A Scary Admission


Someday – in the not too distant future – I want to enter a bodybuilding competition.

That’s scary!

In this first episode of season two, I explain just why that’s a frightening thing to contemplate. The things bodybuilders have to do to make their bodies ready for the stage – it’s pretty extreme, and not all that healthy. And yet – I want to do it. Why? Well, watch and find out.

Custom Youtube URL


Hey! So, once you get 100 subscribers to your channel, YouTube lets you claim a custom URL.

Mikeystrong passed the 100 mark a few weeks ago, but the tool to claim your custom URL has been broken all these weeks.

Well, now it is unbroken (or “fixed”) and we are youtube.com/mikeystrongshow—yes! easy to remember! easy to type! Does not look like your cat walked across your keyboard!

I’ll be making a few short fun little videos in the layoff between now and Season Two. Playful less than a minute long stuff like collected instagram stories or snapchats, if you are familiar with those platforms. Probably I’ll call it Mikeybites or something like that. Maybe not “Mikeybites” because I do not bite, in the pejorative sense of the term (which is kinda 90s—but not 90s enough). Mikeyclips. Mikeysnacks. Heck, I don’t know. Suggest something!