Derek Bolt, Contest Ready


So, last weekend I hopped down to Washington D.C. to help my good friend Derek with his first ever bodybuilding competition. The night before the show, I interviewed him, and then I interviewed him again the day after.

You can watch the first interview here! Part Two will be coming soon – then you can find out how he did, and what he thought about the whole experience.

You can consider this a kind of semi-sequel to my previous video, “A Scary Admission,” about how I want to step out onto a bodybuilding stage some day. I definitely learned a lot!

Mikeystrong S2 E01: A Scary Admission


Someday – in the not too distant future – I want to enter a bodybuilding competition.

That’s scary!

In this first episode of season two, I explain just why that’s a frightening thing to contemplate. The things bodybuilders have to do to make their bodies ready for the stage – it’s pretty extreme, and not all that healthy. And yet – I want to do it. Why? Well, watch and find out.